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Most people consider steam cleaning to be the most safe and effective manner for cleaning carpets, but only if it is done properly.   The biggest issue with steam cleaning is removal of the moisture that  is added to the carpet.  Most home units lack enough suction to pull the liquid out, however truck mounted cleaning units have the power to remove most of the moisture for faster drying and more complete cleaning.   In contrast, ” dry carpet cleaning”, uses chemicals for cleaning and the matter how will you remove it, some residuals will be left behind.   This is the main reason that most consumers opt for steam cleaning to make  certain that young children or pets are not exposed to any such chemicals.

When steam cleaning a carpet,  one feeds hot water through a spray extraction tool (or wand) that is attached to a pump powered vacuum unit.   Pressure is used to inject a cleaning solution deep into the carpet using water jet nozzles.   This allows the water to penetrate the fibers of the carpet entirely down to the backing.

This loosens any oil, grease or embedded soil in order to get your carpet  as clean as it has ever been.   In addition to the extremely powerful truck mounted steam cleaning units, there are portable units for  working in difficult to reach areas.

Commercial carpet cleaning machinery has a much stronger capability for suction of moisture and will always provide better results.   No matter which type of machines you use the principles of the operation remain the same.

The truck mounted units allow cleaning personnel to just bring in the hose  and the wand,   avoiding dirty wheels making contact with your carpet.   By using diesel fuel, propane, gas  or even truck motors,  these units are able to generate more of a vacuum and deliver a stronger volume of water  resulting in  less moisture when finished and  cleaner carpets.   The majority of carpeting manufacturers, fiber producers and cleaning professionals endorse this procedure for achieving the best efficiency in cleaning your carpet.   With this state-of-the-art technology,  we are more capable of  delivering high productivity and cleaner carpets.

The biggest issue with using steam cleaning for carpets is this some machinery or inexperienced to users can create over-wetting,  resulting in longer trying times.   Using truck mounted and professional grade equipment operated by skilled personnel will avoid this issue in most cases.

You should always mention any specialized concerns and point out in a heavy traffic areas as there are several techniques for getting these areas clean.   Use of enzyme treatments can be used to eliminate pet odors.   Pre-treatments  and pre-spray emulsifying agents can be added an agitated into the fibers to ensure these areas come out looking  as close to new as possible.

Choosing the best carpet cleaning company.

With nearly every company claiming to be the best,  sorting through all of the marketing and picking a truly effective company has become rather difficult.   We would like to offer you a few steps to help you in making this decision.   First and most importantly must decide on what process you want used.   The use of dry cleaning processes and dry foam are popular with many companies.   As mentioned earlier, many of these leave behind Chemical residues and compounds.   The advantage of these as they leave less moisture in the carpet and allows you to get back on the carpet more quickly.

We recommend steam cleaning as it is a more natural process and the preferred method of most professional certification companies.   Once you decide on your process you may want to check with friends and family for recommendations of companies that they have used to be very pleased with.   There are many resources on the internet to read reviews from customers  and this is a great way to get unbiased information.

Company should always discussing all pricing up front with you and give you an estimate on cost of the job.   Beware of companies with low-cost specials up front.   Ask if there any extra fees that will be added on at the time of service.   Knowing this in advance will avoid you getting a very unpleasant surprise.   Always ask what types of chemicals will be used and what types of residues (if any) will be left if any on your carpeting.   Ask if there are any dangers of their process shrinking or changing the color of your carpet.

We think the most important factors is to know who’s actually coming into your home.   Always ask if the company conducts background checks of their personnel.   You should check their review history and any issues they may have with organizations like the Better Business Bureau.

If considering whether to try do it yourself or using a professional carpet cleaning company remember that spot cleaning is not the only issue and that a thorough cleaning will have advantages beyond cleaning your carpet.   Many people and pets have issues with allergens.   A professional carpet cleaner will deal with this as well as dealing with any other problems you may have.   Remember your goal is to get it done right,  sometimes she’s taking the cheap way out ends up with you doing it cheaper way and then paying a professional to come in and do it all over again so that is done correctly.   Proper cleaning gives you the benefits of preserving your family’s health,  well being,  while extending the life of your carpet and protecting the value of your home.   Take all of these things into consideration and you’re bound to end up  with a healthier and happier home.

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